Funding Resources

There are many funding resources available to help close the skills gaps in Advanced Manufacturing.  Understanding how to identify and obtain access to these resources is half the battle. Click below to find out more and contact us if you need more information. If you are a job seeker, contact your closest MT1 Training Provider so they can assist you in obtaining a high-demand, high-wage, low-cost credential in your area.


  1. NEW Economy Workforce Credential (link)
  2. Perkins Act Funding (link)
  3. WIOA and Rapid Response Funding (link)
  4. GI Bill Funding (link)
  5. Plugged-in Virginia (link)
  6. Trade Act Funds (link)
  7. Economic Development Entities & Business (link)
  8. Workers Opportunity & Retraining Tax Credits (link)|(link)
  9. Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation for a New Nevada (link)