The Manufacturing Skills Institute’s mission is to increase the manufacturing capacity of communities through an established network of MSI Academic and Workforce Partners – to be the premier integrated industrial workforce solution – for everything in workforce development from career exploration to employment. 

Why MSI?

Consulting Services

The foundation of any successful business strategy is the ability to convert customer needs into products and solutions while continuously improving operations. The MSI offers a variety of specialized consulting services for manufacturers and distributors to ensure you have the right information, technology, and processes to engage your work force and position your company for growth and success.

MSI consultants have experience in leading Kaizen teams in identifying and implementing continuous improvement ideas, training and leading 5S teams, leading Value Stream Mapping activities, and work standardization implementation.  MSI consultants have managed production and maintenance activities, including safety, quality, delivery, and costs and have managed new product launches.

Academic and Workforce Network Resources

  • Gain access to MSI Academic and Workforce Network and peer-to-peer discussions.
  • Participate in MSI Workforce Solutions professional education opportunities, such as topic specific webinars and programs on promising practices, funding opportunities and how to customize workforce solutions for employers.
  • Remain current on national and state-wide industry research and events.
  • Be promoted on all MSI partner collateral materials, website and at MSI and VMA events as premier partners of MSI’s workforce solutions to close career planning and skills gaps.

Resources for Potential Funding

There are many funding resources available to help close the skills gaps in Advanced Manufacturing.  Understanding how to identify and obtain access to these resources is half the battle. Click below to find out more and contact us if you need more information. If you are a job seeker, contact your closest MT1 Training Provider so they can assist you in obtaining a high-demand, high-wage, low-cost credential in your area.

  1. NEW Economy Workforce Credential (link)
  2. Perkins Act Funding (link)
  3. WIOA and Rapid Response Funding (link)
  4. GI Bill Funding (link)
  5. Plugged-in Virginia (link)
  6. Trade Act Funds (link)
  7. Economic Development Entities & Business (link)
  8. Workers Opportunity & Retraining Tax Credits (link)|(link)
  9. Governor’s Office of Workforce Innovation for a New Nevada (link)

Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Assistance

MSI provides for the assistance of its members to develop effective quality and environmental systems which meet the requirements of international standards and the United State Government.  For an organization to function effectively, it has to determine and manage numerous linked activities. An activity or set of activities using resources, and managed in order to enable the transformation of inputs into outputs, can be considered as a process. Often the output from one process directly forms the input to the next.

The application of a system of processes within an organization, together with the identification and interactions of these processes, and their management to produce the desired outcome, can be referred to as the “process approach”.

An advantage of the process approach is the ongoing control that it provides over the linkage between the individual processes within the system of processes, as well as over their combination and interaction.

When used within a quality or environmental management system, such an approach emphasizes the importance of

  1.  understanding and meeting requirements,
  2.  the need to consider processes in terms of added value,
  3.  obtaining results of process performance and effectiveness, and
  4.  continual improvement of processes based on objective measurement.

Monitoring of customer satisfaction requires the evaluation of information relating to customer perception as to whether the organization has met the customer requirements.

For information and pricing on QMS and EMS assistance please contact us by phone or email: 

MSI Workforce Solutions Team

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