Return on Investment from Hiring a MT1 Certified Person

The MT1 cost savings is realized in the hiring process and daily manufacturing operations. The National Association of Manufacturers estimates it costs each manufacturer $37,725 to fill five (5) vacancies:
  • Advertising = $17,500
  • Interviewing (50 candidates) = $6,750
  • Meetings (staff time) = $2,025
  • Pre-employment testing = $10,200
  • Human resources (staff time) = $1,250
This is $7,545 per new hire. Through the increased use of industry certifications, employers can reduce hiring costs by an estimated 50% or $18,862.  In addition, employers report the following MT1 results with existing workers:
  • Maximizing manufacturing efficiencies;
  • Improving quality of product to meet customer requirements;
  • Achieving weekly product output goals;
  • Assisting engineering with technical tasks, reducing tool downtime and cycle time.