The BC measures individual skills attainment in 6 critical, industry-wide technical skills: algebra, measurement, math for quality, quality and lean manufacturing, financial literacy, and business acumen. It is a stackable industry credential that demonstrates to employers anywhere in the world than an individual understands business practices and modern manufacturing.

BC training is available in two formats: MSI Learning Network (MLN), or blended MLN and Instructor-led Action Learning Lab™ training. The BC assessment is administered online in two parts – one focused on Math and Measurement, and the other focused on Quality and Business Acumen.

With this certificate, individuals may apply for advanced standing credit in select degree programs at participating colleges and universities to receive up to six (6) college credits. Advanced standing credit may be used to establish Transfer Credits to other accredited 2yr and 4yr colleges and universities.

For more information, please contact:

Antonya Hurt, Workforce Solutions Associate
(804) 643-7489 ext. 131
Dr. Victor Gray, MSI Executive Director
(804) 643-7489 ext. 130
Kate Kaegi, VMA CPID Liaison
(804) 655-2354