The MSI established the Manufacturing Technician occupational definition in 2006 and set the national skills standards  for Manufacturing Specialist (MS) and Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) in 2009.  Both the MS and MT1 certifications are endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers and included in its National Skills Certification System.  The MSI maintains a national certificant registry containing all certificate holders.
The Manufacturing Specialist (MS) Certification is a portable and stackable industry credential that demonstrates to employers anywhere in the world that an individual has attained a certain level of industry-wide technical skills in the Math and Measurement; and Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology categories. Achieving the MS Certification equates to successful completion of Sections One and Two of the three-part Manufacturing Technical Level 1 Assessment and measures individual skill attainment in the following nine core manufacturing skills essential to all production-related occupations in modern manufacturing: Mathematics & Measurement Category (3 Critical Technical Skills) Measurement Algebra Math for Quality Spatial Reasoning & Manufacturing Technology Category (6 Critical Technical Skills) Spatial Reasoning Mechanics Fluid Power and Thermodynamics Electricity Chemistry Manufacturing Processes & Control