The MSI established the Manufacturing Technician occupational definition in 2006 and set the national skills standards  for Manufacturing Specialist (MS) and Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) in 2009.  Both the MS and MT1 certifications are endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers and included in its National Skills Certification System.  The MSI maintains a national certificant registry containing all certificate holders.

What is a Manufacturing Technician?

A MT1 operates precision machinery, systems and processes.  Typical skills expected in these positions usually include: CAD skills, computer controlled machine programming, precision measurement, process and machine trouble-shooting, problem-solving, machine maintenance and proficient use of diagnostic and statistical tools.  These positions generally describe someone who has enough broad-based knowledge about a multi-step process to successfully troubleshoot and solve problems beyond the scope of typical “machine operators”.  Sample MT1 Job Titles:  Operator, Production Operator, Production Technician, Technician, Chemical Equipment Operator, Chemical Operator, Fixers, CNC Technician Manufacturing Technician and Production Manufacturing Specialist. For more information on the value of an MT1 Certification: Manufacturing Technician Industry Sectors Manufacturing Technician Occupations NOTE: To review a full list of production occupations in modern manufacturing requiring MT1 industry-wide technical skills, please refer to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What is the Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Certification?

The Manufacturing Technician 1 ©(MT1) certification program was developed to meet the growing employment demands of the manufacturing industry.  The MT1 program addresses the core industry-wide skills standards required for skilled production occupations in all sectors of manufacturing.  The core competency areas certified are: (1) Math and Measurement, (2) Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology, and (3) Business Acumen and Quality. The purpose of the MT1 certification program is to document individuals’ mastery of the critical competencies required for modern manufacturing production and production-related occupations.  The goal of the MT1 certification program is to:
  • Develop a workforce pipeline capable of meeting the requirements of existing and emerging employers in advanced technology industries such as manufacturing,
  • Provide a customized fast track, pathway to stackable credentials for 21st Century advanced technology careers in industry,
  • Provide online and instructor-led training to address identified technical skill gaps, and
  • Provide a pathway to advanced level training and specialized training based on industry requirements for potential new hires and incumbent workers.
The Manufacturing Technician Level 1 assessment measures individual skills attainment in 12 critical technical skills. The complete MT1 assessment includes three certificate modules: Math and Measurement; Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology; and, Quality and Business Acumen.  MT1 applicants must earn all three certificates to qualify for the MT1 Certification and two of three to earn the Manufacturing Specialist Certification. The Manufacturing Specialist (MS) Certification is awarded to individuals upon a successful pass rate of 75% on the Math and Measurement, and Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology MT1 certificate modules. The Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) Certification is awarded to individuals upon a successful pass rate of 75% on all three of the MT1 certificate modules:  Math and Measurement; Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology; and, Quality and Business Acumen. Should an individual not achieve a score of 75 or higher on any certificate module, skills training is available that aligns with the MT1 Skills Standards.  To learn more about this MT1 training, please click here. Eligibility Requirements Any individual may take the MT1 assessment; however, it is strongly encouraged that an individual attain a Silver National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) prior to MT1 testing. The MS and MT1 are industry-wide technical skills certifications and “stack” upon the National Career Readiness Certificate.  MT1 attainment can also receive up to six (6) advanced standing credits toward higher education degrees with specific educational institutions.  This approach is consistent with the NAM-Endorsed Skills Credentialing System to align education, certification and career pathways. Assessment Fees Please contact contact 804-643-7489 ext 131 for more information. Application Process To apply to take any or all three of the MT1 assessments, individuals must contact the Manufacturing Skills Institute at to request registration.  If a hard copy registration form is needed, please call the Manufacturing Skills Institute at 804-643-7489, ext 131.  All registration requests must be received at least 48 hours in advance of the desired assessment date. Special Accommodations The Manufacturing Skills Institute will allow special accommodations for individuals who have one or more of the following documented disabilities: reading, eyesight, and/or computer operation.   To request special accommodations, please contact or call 804-643-7489, ext 131.

Certified Assessment Centers

Assessments may be taken at any MSI Certified Assessment Center or onsite at any company so long as a certified proctor is available during the entire testing period.  For more information about Certified Assessment Centers, call the Manufacturing Skills Institute at 804-643-7489, ext 131.
For a copy of the complete Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Assessment, Training & Certification Handbook, please make your request in writing to:  
To enroll in the MT1 Online Learning Lab, please email
Employers: for more information on why it’s beneficial to hire an MT1 Certified person, click here.