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To help protect and support you, DuPont Safety Solutions has created a complimentary COVID-19 Response Series of microlearning videos that are now available via our new mobile app. We are available to provide guidance and technical assistance to help your employees utilize their personal devices to access these courses from anywhere at any time.  Please share this content with your team members, family and friends. If you need additional mobile training resources, we have over 1,600 courses available.  For more information, please contact us at Stay safe!

COVID-19 Response Series

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Emerging Viruses:
The COVID-19 Pandemic

Emerging viruses and superbugs are a reality and in today’s globalized world. It’s critical to understand what viruses are, how they are transmitted, and measures we can take – such as social distancing – to help slow the spread.

Fear and Anxiety:
Living with Uncertainty

While it’s normal to feel anxiety when faced with uncertainty, you can take action to reduce your anxiety and fear. Help your employees cope and protect their mental health during and after the pandemic.

Universal Precautions
Against Infection

By understanding how viruses are spread and by taking simple universal precautions, employees can protect themselves, their colleagues and their families from illness – and from misinformation.

Working Remotely: Stay
Productive and Connected

Working from home – telecommuting – can yield many benefits, such as more freedom, fewer office distractions, increased productivity, and less risk of spreading illness. Teach employees how they can maximize the advantages and minimize the disadvantages.