Workplace Behavior Assessment

This Assessment measures important behaviors necessary for handling work pace and job pressure along with work habits to be attentive to quality and safety requirements. Employers will be confident that their candidates possess the skills and ability to problem solve and learn a given position.

Business Certificate

The Business Certificate addresses the core technical competencies required for positions in most sectors of business and manufacturing.
The core technical competencies certified are:
• Math and Measurement
• Business Acumen and Quality


The BSafe2Work program provides the core concepts of safety awareness for industrial workplace training and an individual learning plan that addresses the most common hazardous situations faced in the industrial environment.

Lab Tech

Students become acquainted with lab equipment and procedures, methods of measurement, recording results, chemical hazards and safety, and the understanding of the role in safety involvement and skills such as:
• Critical Thinking
• Production and Processes
• Systems Evaluation and more!

STEM Career Adventure (SCA)

The SCA is a 1-day workshop that provides school age students the opportunity to gain an understanding of Advanced Manufacturing through:
• Completion of Challenging Manufacturing Modules
• Lectures from Industry Professionals, and a
• Tour of a Manufacturing Facility

Employability Workshop

The workshop provides participants with tools that will streamline the job search. MSI CareerExplorer allows users to explore the world of work through a variety of assessments and search activities, including: creation of a personalized career hub, personalized job searches, Resume, cover letter and reference list development, contact with potential employer.

Pre-Employment Transition Services Industrial Academy (Pre-ETS)

Designed for students or young adults, the Pre-ETS offers individuals an opportunity to learn about:
• Interaction Through Team-Building Activities
• Steps in Manufacturing Process
• Equipment Used in Specific Manufacturing Processes Through Facility Tours

Lean Practitioner

The Lean Practitioner Certification is comprised of a 4-day course designed for people who wish to learn how to improve processes by using Lean Six Sigma methods and tools. Participants will learn how to apply the most important Lean principles, methods and tools in the field.

Pre-Employment Evaluation

This evaluation is ideal for employers that are looking to employ the most qualified candidates. This evaluation includes:
• The Workplace Behavior Assessment
• BSafe2Work
• Pre-MT1
• Drug Testing & Background Checks

MSI Career Explorer

A career exploration and coaching platform, to continuously connect with jobs, training, and educational opportunities, containing:
• Occupation Profiles
• A Personalized Career Hub
• Links and Training About Training and Educational Opportunities, and More!


The Pre-MT1 prepares individuals, with a simplified 45-minute exam, to obtain certifications issued by the MSI and included in the National Skills Certification System for critical manufacturing. This exam is designed to preview the actual competency areas for a better idea on how learners will score with the MT1 Assessment.

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