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MSI and Military2Manufacturing Partner with IVET

Focused on Transitioning Veterans into Advanced Technology Careers-

 RICHMOND, VA – The Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI) and Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) are pleased to announce a new partnership for its Military2Manufacturing (M2M) program with the Institute for Veterans Education and Training (IVET).  M2M is a just-in- time career transition pathway for veterans into advanced technology career opportunities within Virginia manufacturing sector, recognizing that veterans typically possess both the soft skills and technical experience required for success in industry occupations. IVET is devoted to assisting military members in finding and retaining education and business ventures to create win-wins for industry and the men and women who have served the United States valiantly. “IVET is an ideal partner as we aim to provide a complete workforce solution for transitioning military to manufacturing careers. IVET education and training programs focus on career exploration which is a complement to the manufacturing technology skills training provided by the MSI using the VMA Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Assessment and Certification,” stated Katherine DeRosear, VMA Director of Workforce Development. IVET was founded in 2010 by retired US Army Brigadier General Jeffrey Horne.  Horne is determined to help military members find careers that exploit their military skills and enhance their way to careers that make their families and them happy and provide excellent growth potential. This is also a clear approach to help counter the veteran workforce transition crisis facing our Nation. During his career, he has spent seven years consulting on workforce economics and talent supply chain solutions both inside and outside the defense arena.  Horne not only has operational experience in human resource optimization and training, but also in air/missile defense, C4ISR solutions, information system technology, and airborne/space-based systems integration. “This is a tremendous partnership and the winners are Virginia’s military service veterans and their families” said Brigadier General (Ret) Jeffrey Horne, IVET’s CEO and founder. “The partnership with the M2M partners, MSI, and the VMA takes a major step in producing high technology/high touch solutions to military unemployment. IVET offers these and ten other pragmatic, near-term solutions to veteran unemployment and civilian retention challenges. These efforts will go a long way to validate that military members, supported by effective transition programs, are the best employment product in the Nation.” Horne said.
M2M participants take the National Career Readiness Certificate assessment and MT1 assessment to identify their skills gaps and obtain the skills gap training necessary to quickly enhance the technical skill levels needed for immediate employment in industry occupations. This integrated education, credential and career pathway offers an immediate pathway to employment not based on seat-time but rather skills attainment to earn valuable stackable credentials. Regardless of a chosen career pathway or skill level, all veterans are offered career services through the Dream It. Do It. Virginia (DIDIVA) Career Information System (CIS) newly launched on April 30, 2013 and available for free to the public at This year, the DIDIVA CIS in Virginia expects to reach at least 10,000 students, every career and technical education teacher, 100 career coaches, 10,000 veterans, and 10,000 dislocated workers.  The MSI partnership with IVET will allow the CIS to have a national reach.   About IVET The Institute for Veterans Education and Training is a 501c3 LLC non-profit enterprise established in 2010 that is devotedly assisting military members, regardless of background, to find career and life balance. Its mission is to improve military recruiting/ career placement, and retention into education and business venture. IVET creates win-wins for industry and for the men and women that have served this country valiantly.  IVET believes that military members, supported by effective transition programs, are the best employment product in the Nation. IVET is a coalition of industry and educators, leaders, coaches, and business people that continue to build teams of proven businesses and educators to support the military members and veterans The group is supported by a caring staff of diverse members that have served in fields, such as the military, technology, software development, civil service, education, psychology, theology, and counseling. To become a team member, join the coalition, or find a better career, please go to   About the MSI The Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) founded the Manufacturing Skills Institute™ (MSI) in 2012. The MSI provides relevant education and skills training for careers in advanced manufacturing by offering world-class training programs delivered by MSI and MSI education partner institutions.  Through the partnership between industry and education, employers set the skill standards for MSI program offerings anywhere offered to ensure learning is linked to employment and career advancement opportunities.  Employer-specific customized training can be provided onsite or at any MSI education partner location. Working learners advance their manufacturing technology knowledge and skills via OJT classes, classroom-based and online training offered by MSI and education partner faculty grounded in real word experience.  For more information, go to   About the VMA The Virginia Manufacturers Association is the only statewide association exclusively dedicated to manufacturers and their network of service providers. Since 1922, the VMA has exclusively served as Industry’s Advocate, and our mission is to create the best business environment in the United States for world-class advanced technology businesses to manufacture and headquarter their businesses for maximum productivity and profitability. The VMA also supports a broad array of business services and programs to help ensure that manufacturing companies can be productive, profitable and competitive in Virginia. Virginia’s more than 6,000 manufacturers employ more than 220,000 individuals, contribute $34 billion to the gross state product and account for more than 80 percent of the state’s exports to the global economy. For more information about the VMA, please visit   About the DIDIVA The Dream It. Do It. Virginia Network is a partner of the national Dream It. Do It. Network as developed by the Manufacturing Institute and expanded to Virginia in 2007 by the Virginia Industry Foundation and the VMA. The DIDIVA Network’s mission is to encourage people to explore and pursue advanced technology careers in Virginia, such as manufacturing, biotechnology, robotics, nanotechnology, aviation, energy, information technology, health care and more. The DIDIVA offers a free Career Information System, built by Virginia’s advanced technology sector, to help individuals learn more about exciting career opportunities and connect them with possible future employment. The DIDIVA Network also features the two-time, award-winning “So What Do You Do?” integrated marketing campaign in all its media. For more information, visit   View PDF Version

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