We are providing passionate and knowledgeable podcasts for you to listen to thanks to VR Workforce Studio’s podcasts; please visit them at http://vrworkforcestudio.com/. Most of our podcasts don’t exceed 60 minutes but cover topics which are of interest to people who are exploring careers, who are trying to upgrade their skills or who are looking for innovative ways to identify new career pathways.  Here are some of our favorite podcasts:

Pathways Out of Seclusion to a Career in Manufacturing: The Chris Hall Story

September 15, 2017

Chris reflects on the horrible challenges of trauma as young person, a life of isolation and how Vocational Rehabilitation provided a pathway out of seclusion to a new life and a career in manufacturing.

Silver Tsunami, the Gateway to Registered Apprenticeships with Special Guest Debby Hopkins

September 1, 2017

Meet Rose Hildebrand – a young woman with a disability who just recently got a taste of just how important manufacturing jobs are to our society. She’ll tell you about how she got interested and what she’s planning to do because of a “Dream It Do It Camp.”

Finding the Door to the Goldmine through the Manufacturing Academy at WWRC- Episode 12

February 11, 2016

Transcript of podcast follows Rick Sizemore (Rick) Welcome to the VR workforce Studio. Today on Episode 12 we answer one of the most compelling workforce and disability employment questions of the modern age. “Where is the door to the goldmine?” You’ll get the answers in an interview with a retired senior engineer from the Hershey Company and past president of Margin Development Training.

The Rod Early Story

October 12, 2016

Seven Months of Iron Will…From the Hospital Back to My Manufacturing Job

Special Episode Hire Ed Conference “Imagine.”

December 8, 2016

Episode 11- B: Conclusion of Interview with VMA

December 11, 2015

In this episode we’ll conclude our interview with the VMA as well as highlights from the VMA Workforce Symposium Panelist with co-host Vanessa Rastberger.

Episode 11a: Manufacturing Jobs on the Horizon

December 11, 2015

Manufacturing Jobs on the Horizon. Hear about Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities and Reflections on Workforce Development from VMA Executive Director, Katherine DeRosear.