Workplace Behavior Assessment

The Workplace Behavior Assessment (WBA) is designed for the specific needs of each company’s positions. The benchmarks used within the assessment are also tailored to the skill and educational requirements of the job. It measures important behaviors necessary for handling work pace and job pressure, along with work habits conducive to attentiveness to quality and safety requirements. Leadership, as well as interpersonal and collaborative behaviors, are also compared against benchmarked results for comparable positions.


The BSafe2Work program provides the core concepts of safety awareness for industrial workplace training and an individual learning plan that addresses the most common hazardous situations faced in the industrial environment.

Pre-MT1 Assessment

The Pre-MT1 prepares individuals to obtain certifications issued by the MSI and is included in the National Skills Certification System for critical manufacturing occupations. The assessment is designed to preview the actual competency areas through a simplified 45-minute exam. If learners score a 75% or higher, they will have a better idea of how they will score on the MT1.

Drug Testing and Background Tests

We offer Secure Drug Testing & Background Services to provide an additional pre-employment option to help employers better select candidates. The drug test is 5 panel and the background check consists of SSN Validation, Sex Offender Search, National Criminal Record Database Search, and provides quick results.