Each year, more than 4.1 million people in the United States suffer a workplace injury or occupational illness. Injuries are always unexpected, but using simple and proven concepts, employees can learn to recognize at‐risk conditions or behavior before they lead to a mistake or injury. The Industrial Hygiene Training (IHT) program provides the core concepts of hygiene awareness for food and beverage workplace training, and an individual learning plan that addresses the most common sanitation situations faced in the food and beverage environment. The goal of the IHT program is to reduce workforce injuries and provide a higher degree of liability control. The highly adaptable IHT program helps individuals to:
  • Build on your knowledge of food safety
  • Reduce injuries and health problems among your coworkers
  • Gain knowledge of changing regulations, guidance documents, and regulatory interpretations
  • Demonstrate competency for working safely in a food and beverage setting
  • Learn the fundamentals needed to deal with food safety

IHT Program

The IHT webbased training program is delivered through DuPont Sustainable Solutions Learning Management System. These courses are continually updated with any hygiene standard modifications. You can work with your MSI Training Consultant to develop an individualized program from over 1,600 courses available or follow the complete IHT course outlines for Industrial Hygiene curriculum.

For more IHT information contact:  Jody Steele ~ iht@manufacturingskillsinstitute.com ~ 804-709-1324

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