What is a Manufacturing Technician?

A Manufacturing Technician Level 1© (MT1) operates precision machinery, systems and processes. Typical skills expected in these positions usually includes: CAD skills, computer controlled machine programming, precision measurement, process and machine trouble-shooting, problem-solving, machine maintenance and proficient use of diagnostic and statistical tools.  These positions generally describe someone who has enough broad-based knowledge about a multi-step process to successfully trouble-shoot and solve problems beyond the scope of typical “machine operators.” These positions may also describe someone charged with developing/refining prototype fabrication methods for new products. Sample Job Titles:  Operator, Production Operator, Production Technician, Technician, Chemical Equipment Operator, Chemical Operator, Fixers, CNC Technician Manufacturing Technician and Production Manufacturing Specialist.

Manufacturing Technician Training

The Manufacturing Technology (MT) training program is a highly specialized course based on the techniques and interrelationships found in high performance manufacturing and production. Instruction focuses on the critical actions, knowledge, systems, and processes necessary to participate in an advanced manufacturing enterprise. Activities include a focus on math and measurement; quality and continuous improvement practices; and, advanced manufacturing processes and production. Participants develop high performance skills through demonstrations, lectures, self-paced studies, labs, technical presentations, critical thinking, problem solving, and individual/group activities in order to demonstrate the core set of skills and knowledge necessary to prepare for sustained careers in the high performance manufacturing environment. MT training is available in three formats: (1) Online Learning LabTM via a web-based portal that is password protected and accessible 24/7, (2) instructor-led Action Learning LabTM onsite or alternate location selected by the employer, and (3) blended Online Learning LabTM and Action Learning LabTM program customized to employer specifications and usually on the job (OJT).  For customized training projects, the MSI can also include additional courses from its other training programs: World Class Manufacturing, Certified Industrial Energy Auditor, Contractor Safety, and much more. 

Math and Measurement Modules

These courses will assist the student in learning how to evaluate basic algebraic expressions and utilize industry tools to accurately measure critical process variables. The student will also learn how to apply mathematical formulas to convert units and develop mathematical relationships to solve for one unknown. In addition, these courses will assist the student in learning how to utilize process data to generate charts and graphs.

Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology Modules

These courses will expose the student to the critical areas of manufacturing and the applied technology principals that support the process.  The module includes courses on: spatial reasoning, mechanics, fluid power and thermodynamics, electricity, chemistry, and manufacturing processes & controls.

Quality and Business Acumen Modules

These courses are designed to describe the critical elements of developing a lean culture in manufacturing. Upon completion of these courses the student will be able to apply a scientific problem solving method in addressing constraints in manufacturing and as well as identify continuous improvement opportunities leading to bottom-line savings. [button_with_link url=”http://manufacturingskillsinstitute.org/certifications/manufacturing-technician-level-1-skill-standards/” target=”” class=”” id=”” onclick=””]Click here for more information about obtaining MT1 Certification[/button_with_link]

For a copy of the complete Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Assessment, Training & Certification Handbook, please make your request in writing to training@manufacturingskillsinstitute.org.