Building a Skilled Workforce

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Office of Apprenticeships (OA) and Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has contracted with the Manufacturing Skills Institute to develop and register new apprenticeship programs throughout the region and across the nation. The MSI Registered Apprenticeship Program partners with local and national employers to develop tailored programs that result in your desired workforce outcome. MSI partners with employers throughout the country to provide a variety of apprenticeship programs in various industries, ranging from cyber to electric power generation, transmission, and distribution to transportation and skilled trades. MSI provides professional assistance in the form of facilitation and consulting to get your program up and running and resources for training and implementation at your worksite.

Apprentice programs are a proven training model for growing and retaining a skilled workforce in today’s competitive business environment. Allowing students to “earn while you learn,” this approach combines on-the-job training and related academic instruction. The outcome benefits the company and the employee. At no cost to the employer, consultants are available to guide companies through the register apprenticeship development process from initial concept to full recognition by the Department of Labor and Industry on Registered Apprenticeship and U.S. Department of Labor

Apprenticeship for Business

Apprenticeships provide immediate value to employers and working learnings by developing a workforce that caters to your specific needs. Plus, you’ll increase your employee retention and reduce turnover.

Are you an employer interested in starting a program? Learn how MSI can help you set up apprenticeship programs for employers. You can also take advantage of our State Tax Credits and Tuition Support, and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Information to learn how the U.S. Department of Labor and state agencies are supporting apprenticeship expansion and innovation.


Apprentices are paid employees of the company that hires and sponsors them. This means that the apprenticeship is paid for by your sponsoring employer. The apprentice does not have to pay for related technical instruction. What to become an apprentice? Get more information on apprenticeship programs for students.

5 Reasons to Become an Apprentice

  • Experience. You get relevant work experience while you are in school.
  • Free tuition. Many sponsoring companies cover the cost of tuition and fees for apprenticeship-related instruction.
  • In-demand credentials. Upon completing an apprenticeship program, you’ll earn a nationally-recognized credential that is portable if you change jobs.
  • Higher income. As employees of the companies that sponsor their apprenticeship, apprentices receive incremental raises and, in many cases, company benefits.
  • Value. Apprenticeship is an investment in you by an employer. Your future success then becomes their return on investment!

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