The BSafe2Work program is a supplemental program that provides the core concepts of safety awareness for industrial workplace training and an individual learning plan that addresses the most common hazardous situations faced in the industrial environment.

The highly adaptable BSafe2Work program helps individuals to:

Reduce Injuries & Health Problems Among Team Members

Build On Knowledge on OSHA Regulations

Learn the Fundamentals needed to deal with potential hazards

Demonstrate competency for working safely in an industrial setting

Gain Knowledge of changing regulations, guidance documents, and regulatory interpretations

Instruction through 5 courses

Safety Orientation: A New Way of Thinking

Pause for Performance: Ladder Safety

Pause of Performance: Safety Lifting Techniques

Machine Guarding

Pause for Performance: Lockout/Tagout

Supplement your company safety training with BSafe2Work safety materials that your employees can accesss on their smart phones or tablets from the comfort of theri homes. MSI will provide a customized URL and online library to be used exclusively by your employees while they are offsite. Participants will receive voluntary program incentives and certificates for program participation.

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