What is a manufacturing technician?

A Manufacturing Technician operates precision machinery, systems, and processes. Typical skills expected in these positions usually include: CAD skills, computer controlled machine programming, precision measurement, process and machine trouble-shooting, problem-solving, machine maintenance and proficient use of diagnostic and statistical tools. Manufacturing Technicians have enough broad-based knowledge about a multi-step process to successfully troubleshoot and solve problems beyond the scope of typical “machine operators.”

What is the CHEM mt1?

The Chemical Manufacturing Technician Certification (Chem MT) is a specialized version of our highly successful Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) Certification . In addition to the core industry-wide skills required for production operations, the Chem MT focuses on the critical Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors.


Similar to the MT1, The core competency areas certified are:

  • Part One – Math and Measurement
  • Part Two – Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology
  • Part Three – Quality and Business Acument

With this certificate, individuals may apply for advanced standing credit in select degree programs at participating colleges and universities to receive up to six (6) college credits. Advanced standing credit may be used to establish Transfer Credits to other accredited 2- and 4-year colleges and universities.


MSI offers a Pre-MT1 Assessment to students seeking the MT1 Certification. The Pre-MT1 prepares individuals to obtain certifications issued by MSI and included in the National Skills Certification System for critical manufacturing occupations.

This assessment is designed to preview the action competency areas through a simplified 45-minute exam.

If learners score a 75% of higher, they will have a better idea of how they will score on the MT1.

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