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Safety is a core foundation of any manufacturing workplace. MSI offers certifications at all levels, from general safety credential programs to industry-specific bundles.

Process improvement

An efficient manufacturing process is key to increasing productivity and profits. MSI offers programs that address preventing, identifying, and improving process issues. 

Inclusion & Employee opportunity

MSI’s newest suite of training addresses opportunity gaps in the manufacturing workforce through introductory leadership, diversity, and supervision training.

Training Options for all levels of employment

We Meet You where you are

It isn’t magic: we’re just that good. MSI is prepared to meet you at any point in your workforce development needs, whether you’re training new hires or up-skilling long-time team members.

World-class consulting services

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? The MSI team will work with you to build custom training and assessments that are perfect for your workforce. Just use the form below to contact us, and a team member will be in touch!

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