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Empower a safer workplace with specialized safety training

Manufacturing Skills Institute is committed to enhancing workplace safety through comprehensive training programs. We’ve designed our Safety Training Programs to meet the unique needs of various industries, helping companies ensure compliance and foster a culture of safety. Whether you’re looking to meet regulatory standards or to enhance workplace safety practices, our certificates provide the essential knowledge and skills.

Equip your team with the fundamental safety skills needed in industrial environments. This course covers everything from basic safety measures to advanced emergency response protocols.

Delve into the complexities of process safety management to prevent industrial accidents. This course is essential for professionals managing hazardous processes at their manufacturing sites.

Tailored for the craft brewing industry, this course covers critical aspects of quality control and safety, ensuring your products meet the highest standards of excellence and safety.

Learn to effectively investigate and report industrial incidents. This course provides the methodologies to analyze incidents, prevent future occurrences, and improve safety management systems.

Stay tuned for our upcoming course designed to address all aspects of electrical safety within industrial settings, from installation to maintenance and emergency handling.

This 10-hour training is ideal for providing your workforce with knowledge of general safety and health hazards on the job. Gain insights into various workplace safety topics and compliance with OSHA standards.

A more comprehensive training covering 30 hours, designed for supervisors and workers with safety responsibility. Enhance your understanding of occupational safety and health, regulatory requirements, and preventive measures.


Our courses are designed by industry experts with years of practical experience. Training with us means investing in courses that are not only compliant with the latest regulations but also geared towards real-world applicability, ensuring your workforce is well-prepared to handle safety challenges.

Equip your team with the knowledge to maintain a safe and compliant workplace. Browse our offerings and select the courses that best fit your industry needs.

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