World Class Manufacturing (WCM)

Achieving operational excellence is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating waste (non-valued-added activities) through continuous improvement. World Class Manufacturing (WCM) training teaches everyone to identify waste through Kaizen Event facilitation, therefore increasing productivity; reducing product defects, lead times, and inventory; and improving on-time delivery.

The SHingo Approach

WCM training is based on Shingo principles of continuous improvement. This program is designed to train individuals to assess operational excellence, as well as improve employee morale, individual and company performance, and company profits, whether on the production floor, in human resources, or at management levels, by highlighting value and non-value-added activities. WCM curriculum will be customized to the specifics of your workplace.

Program Outline

The WCM training program is ideal for employees who are natural leaders, are interested in being a change agent, and have basic common sense skills. These employees should be vested in the survival of your company and take pride in what they do. Through workshops and other hands-on training, WCM trainees will:

  • Define “Operational Excellence”
  • Identify the principles of Enterprise Excellence
  • Define the journey for achieving Enterprise Excellence
  • Identify benefits of continuous improvement
  • Define value and non-value-added processes
  • Identify success factors and challenges of implementation
  • Define the value stream process
  • Identify TP3M (total productive, predictive, and preventive maintenance)
  • LEAN to Green Metrics
  • Implementing Continuous Improvement Programs
  • 5S; Workplace Organization
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Total Productive, Predictive, Preventive Maintenance (TP3M)
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Conducting Kaizens
  • A3 Thinking

Client Testimonials

“The WCM program is a critical element to helping us become more competitive and has helped us get on a journey to become ‘World Class.’ The key to MSI’s success is their ability to tailor training to meet our specific needs and do it in a way that has allowed us to reap immediate benefits.”


“WCM was a great introduction to lean manufacturing principals, ideal for students new to and interested in problem solving in the manufacturing industry.”


“The WCM program enables us to develop a lean foundation for employees with a variety of backgrounds. Our workforce pool isn’t restricted to those with manufacturing experience. Our employees are now eliminating safety hazards, re-defining processes and increasing capacity on our production lines. And, the option for remote learning enabled us to keep moving forward through the last two years.”


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