Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP)

Manufacturing companies face complex workforce challenges in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. Registered Apprenticeship is a strategic approach for manufacturers to cultivate their future workforce, offering both new and existing employees the opportunity to learn, increase their earnings progressively, attend training, and attain a nationally recognized credential.

What is registered Apprenticeship?

A top-notch, industry-driven career pathway facilitating workforce development. Employers mold future talents while individuals gain paid work experience, progressive wage increases, classroom instruction, and a portable, nationally recognized credential. These programs are industry-vetted and approved by the U.S. Department of Labor or State Apprenticeship Agencies.

Benefits for your company

  • Skilled Workforce: Recruit and develop a diverse, highly skilled workforce.
  • Improved Productivity: Enhance productivity, leading to increased profitability.
  • Reduced Turnover: Minimize costs associated with turnover and liability.
  • Flexible Training Options: Offer training tailored to specific skill needs.
  • Access to Incentives Funding: Benefit from available apprenticeship incentives to offset expenses.

core components of your program

  • Industry Led: Programs are industry-vetted, aligning with standards for highly skilled, high-demand occupations.
  • Paid Job: Apprenticeships are jobs! Apprentices earn progressive wage increases as skills and productivity grow.
  • Structured On-the-Job Training (OJT) & Mentorship: Programs provide OJT with experienced mentors for successful careers.
  • Related Technical Instruction (RTI): Tailored classroom education ensures apprentices are well-equipped for success.
  • Credentials: Apprentices earn a portable, nationally recognized credential for enhanced professional opportunities.

4 steps to integrate rap in your company

  1. Select an occupation to develop a program around.
  2. Consult with our Apprenticeship Industry Intermediary Team, along with the appropriate state and federal apprenticeship representatives.
  3. Determine whether to become an employer sponsor or join a group sponsor such as the Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI).
  4. Launch, develop, and maintain your program.

Are you an employer interested in starting a program? Learn how MSI can help you set up apprenticeship programs for employers. You can also take advantage of our scholarship funds and incentive dollars for launching new programs.

Advanced Manufacturing Machine Operator Registered Apprenticeship Program (AMMORAP)

Designed for new and existing machine operators, AMMORAP provides one year of comprehensive training, combining Related Technical Instruction (RTI) and On-the-Job Training (OJT). Upon program completion, apprentices earn the sought-after RA Journeyman Credential and MSI certifications, marking them as competent and experienced machine operators.

Advanced Manufacturing Maintenance Technician Registered Apprenticeship Program (AMMTRAP)

Designed for new and existing maintenance employees and machine operators performing equipment maintenance, AMMTRAP offers a comprehensive two-year maintenance Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP). Upon program completion, apprentices earn the sought-after RA Journeyman Credential and MSI certifications, marking them as competent and experienced maintenance professionals.

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