The Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI) is excited to announce its expanded online certificate programs, including new educational offerings. Building on our established track record of validated industry certifications, such as the Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) available through our Academic Partner Program, we are now addressing the growing demand for flexible, online learning options.

Certificates are essential for professional development, signifying that an individual has completed specific courses and passed a knowledge assessment. MSI’s new offerings, such as the Industrial Preventative Maintenance (IPM) Certificate and the Manufacturing Frontline Leader (MFL) Certificate, cater to the specific needs of employers and job seekers. These are just two examples of the certificates offered through our three certificate product categories: Safety, Occupational Specific, and Leadership & Management, ensuring comprehensive and targeted education for professionals in the manufacturing industry.

MSI’s certificates offer numerous advantages for both individuals and employers. For individuals, MSI’s certificates concentrate on specific skills or knowledge areas, providing targeted education that can be directly applied to their jobs. They typically require less time to complete than proctored certifications, making them ideal for those looking to quickly gain new skills. MSI’s certificates are generally less expensive than certifications, making them accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, many of our certificate programs offer flexible schedules, including online options, to accommodate working professionals.

For employers, MSI’s certificates provide employees with specific skills and knowledge that can improve job performance and productivity. The shorter duration of our certificate programs means employees can rapidly apply new skill sets in the workplace. Certificates are often more affordable, allowing employers to invest in the professional development of more employees. Moreover, employers can choose certificate programs that address particular needs and gaps within their workforce. Engaging and interactive course material is designed to keep learners interested and invested. Our online, self-paced training programs are mobile-friendly and available in both English and Spanish.

As a national workforce and education provider for the manufacturing industry, MSI’s ability to offer both certification and certificate programs allows our partners to utilize the right educational product for their specific needs. Whether it’s integrating annual safety training, advancing occupational skills, or developing leadership capabilities, our online certificates provide the tools necessary for professional growth and operational excellence.

Explore our expanded online certificate programs today and take the next step in advancing your career or boosting your workforce’s capabilities. With MSI’s comprehensive and flexible learning solutions, achieving your professional development goals has never been easier.

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