Manufacturing Essential Skills (MES) Certificate

The MSI Manufacturing Foundations (MF) Certificate is a fully online program that addresses a critical gap in the industry: many new and current employees lack the foundational skills necessary for success in manufacturing. This certificate provides essential training in Gaging & Measurement, Mechanical Print Reading, Rigging, Workplace Mathematics, and Workplace Reading, laying a strong foundation for career progression.

Tailored to build core competencies, the program is an ideal starting point for further occupation-specific MSI certificates. Flexible and comprehensive, it can be completed in about 15 hours to fit various training schedules, setting employees on a path to success.

MES Program Overview

  • Prepare for real-world applications with comprehensive online modules adaptable to various schedules.
  • Master essential skills in measurement, mechanical print reading, rigging, and workplace mathematics.
  • Understand and apply the fundamentals of gaging and measurement systems in manufacturing.
  • Develop competency in interpreting and utilizing mechanical prints and symbols.
  • Learn rigging techniques and safety protocols for handling and maintenance.
  • Enhance arithmetic, algebra, and reading skills pertinent to industrial tasks.
  • Measurement & Gaging: Types & Fundamentals
  • Measurement & Gaging: Procedures & Operation
  • Mechanical Print Reading: Orthographic Projection
  • Mechanical Print Reading: Drawing Format & Dimensioning
  • Mechanical Print Reading: Drawing Types & Symbols
  • Mechanical Print Reading: Thread Specifications
  • Rigging Basics & Operations
  • Workplace Mathematics: Whole Numbers, Fractions, & Decimals
  • Workplace Reading: Main Idea, Literal Comprehension, & Relationships
  • Workplace Reading: Advanced Interpretation Techniques

Manufacturing Essential Skills Certificate

$215 per Person

Program Highlights

  • Delivers engaging curriculum for those seeking practical knowledge beyond traditional education.
  • Online, self-paced training program, and mobile-friendly
  • Delivered through DSS+ Learning Management System
  • Courses available in both English and Spanish

Once the course registration has been completed, you will receive your course log-in credentials within 24-hours of payment receipt and may access the online courses or administrative reports immediately afterwards.



Certificate Overview

Upon successful completion of the MES Certificate, individuals can print a certificate of program completion, valid for one year.

Errors in manufacturing can often be unexpected, but the MES Certificate equips both new and current employees with essential training to identify and address potential issues before they lead to costly mistakes.



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