MSI partner Program

Is your organization tasked with training and certifying individuals in the advanced manufacturing sector? The Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI) offers the MSI Partner Program, empowering organizations like yours to provide industry-recognized certification programs and make a significant impact on your participants futures.

What is the MSI Partner Program?

The MSI Partner Program is designed for industry stakeholders, including manufacturing employers, community colleges, Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, workforce development boards, and workforce development programs. When you become an MSI Program Partner, you gain the authority to deliver MSI certification programs, including the highly sought-after Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1), Lean Practitioner Certification, and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician (PharmaMT),Why Should you Become and MSI Program Partner?

• Industry-Recognized Certifications: Add prestigious, third-party validated industry certifications to your program offerings, enhancing your participants career prospects and industry relevance.

• Authorized Assessment Center: Have your site authorized to conduct MSI certification assessments, providing a convenient and reliable testing location for your participants.

• Comprehensive Support: Gain access to the full MSI Learning Management System (LMS) housing certification curriculum, ensuring you have the resources and materials needed for successful program implementation.

• Instructor Training: Benefit from our instructor training and certification, empowering your staff to deliver high-quality, industry-aligned education.

• Operational Guidance: Receive guidance and support from the MSI team to ensure the smooth launch and operation of MSI certification programming.

Who Should Join the MSI Partner Program?

• Community Colleges: Enhance your educational offerings with industry credentials that open doors for students in both credit and non-credit programs.

• Workforce Development Boards: Empower job seekers and career switchers with certifications that lead to thriving careers in manufacturing.

• CTE Programs: Equip your students with the skills and qualifications that employers are actively seeking.

• Manufacturing Employers: Invest in the professional development of your incumbent employees, strengthening your workforce and ensuring industry excellence.

Provide a Competitive Edge in Manufacturing

As an MSI Program Partner, you’ll equip your participants with the skills and credentials necessary for success in the modern manufacturing sector. Our certifications are highly valued by employers, making your program an attractive choice for students, job seekers, and professionals.

For more information and to get started, contact MSI today.

Wes Smith Director, Workforce Solutions

Phone: 804-655-2353