what is a pharmaceutical manufacturing technician?

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician operates precision machinery, systems and processes. Typical skills needed for these positions include precision measurement, process and machine trouble shooting, knowledge of cGMP, proficient use of diagnostic and statistical tools, critical thinking skills computer controlled machine programing. As a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technician, you can help the region create a secure supply of essential medicines for Americans and fill job openings at several companies slated to open new pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities in the greater Richmond-Petersburg area in 2023 and beyond.

What is the Pharma mt?

This module provides information on the unique requirements of manufactures operating in the pharmaceutical industry.  Students will learn the history of the FDA; why it was formed and the responsibility and authority of the agency. Additionally, the module covers the quality management system requirements companies must establish to obtain approval from the FDA to produce pharmaceutical products. An overview of a typical pharmaceutical manufacturing process provides insight into the equipment and processes used to produce pharmaceutical products. Exercises will reinforce the information provided in module.

Learning Objectives:

Students will be introduced to the unique requirements of working in the pharmaceutical industry. This module will provide insight into the following topics:

1.           Overview of the Food and Drug Administration’s history, responsibility, and authority

2.           Understanding the structure and components of a Quality Management System

3.           Examples of quality documents and requirements for good documentation

4.           Overview of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and processes


The core competency areas certified are:

  • Part One – Math and Measurement
  • Part Two – Spatial Reasoning, Manufacturing Technology and Chemistry
  • Part Three – Quality and Business Acumen
  • Part Four – Pharmaceutical Processes


MSI offers a Pre-MT1 Assessment to students seeking the PharmaMT Credential. The Pre-MT1 prepares individuals to obtain certifications issued by MSI and included in the National Skills Certification System for critical manufacturing occupations.

This assessment is designed to preview the action competency areas through a simplified 45-minute exam.

If learners score a 75% of higher, they will have a better idea of how they will score on the MT1.

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