Human Resource Essentials (HRE) Certificate


Human Resource Essentials (HRE) Certificate

The HRE Certificate arms HR professionals with vital skills beyond recruitment and payroll, focusing on essential skills such as workplace communication, effective harassment prevention, and privacy principles, all aimed to enhance leadership capabilities and improve team dynamics. 


Human Resource Essentials (HRE) Certificate

The HRE Certificate is a self-paced online program, designed to be completed in just 15 hours, focusing on vital skills beyond traditional recruitment and payroll. This training enhances HR capabilities in areas such as Workplace Communication, Privacy Principles, Harassment Prevention, and Substance Abuse Awareness. It also covers critical issues like Workplace Violence, Diversity, and Unconscious Bias. By enriching HR professionals with these essential skills, the certificate aims to boost productivity and engagement, fostering a more inclusive and effective manufacturing workplace. 

Product Overview

Course Goals/Outcomes:

  • Enhance HR knowledge on privacy, harassment prevention, and diversity for better workplace management. 
  • Empower HR teams to manage workplace violence and substance abuse effectively. 
  • Equip HR staff with tools to address unconscious bias and exclusion, fostering inclusivity. 
  • Offer flexible, online learning, enabling HR professionals to train efficiently without impacting daily tasks. 
  • Foster professional development, enhancing HR capabilities for improved leadership and engagement in manufacturing. 

Course Outline: 

  • Communication Breakdown Solutions 
  • 8 Privacy Principles 
  • Workplace Violence Prevention 
  • Harassment Identification & Prevention 
  • Hostile Environments 
  • Qui Pro Quo Harassment 
  • Sexual Harassment 
  • Diversity and Respect  
  • Unconscious Bias 
  • Eliminating Exclusion 
  • Recognizing Drug & Alcohol Abuse 
  • Addressing Substance Abuse and Addiction 
  • Marijuana Legality  
  • Substance Abuse Program Elements 

Program Highlights:

  • Engaging and interactive course material designed to keep learners interested and invested. 
  • Online, self-paced training program, and mobile-friendly 
  • Delivered through DSS+ Learning Management System 
  • Courses available in both English and Spanish 
  • Once the course registration has been completed, you will receive your course log-in credentials within 24-hours of payment receipt and may access the online courses or administrative reports immediately afterward. 

Certificate Overview:

Upon successful completion of the HRE Certificate, individuals can print a certificate of program completion. 

HR challenges can arise unexpectedly, but the HRE Certificate equips HR professionals with the essential skills to effectively manage diverse workplace issues, fostering a safer and more inclusive environment. 

Interested in expanding your HRE Certificate with additional training modules or have any questions?

Reach out to Wes Smith for personalized assistance. Email: or Call: 804-655-2353

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