Manufacturing Frontline Leadership (MFL) Certificate


Manufacturing Frontline Leadership (MFL) Certificate

MSI’s Manufacturing Frontline Leadership Certificate equips rising manufacturing leaders with essential management skills and technical know-how. This program transforms technically proficient employees into capable leaders, enhancing both individual career growth and organizational effectiveness. 


Manufacturing Frontline Leadership (MFL) Certificate

MSI’s Manufacturing Frontline Leadership Certificate offers a self-paced online curriculum tailored to develop leadership skills in technical professionals advancing into management roles. In the manufacturing sector, where both expertise and leadership are vital, this program equips new managers with essential leadership tools and effective strategies. It covers crucial areas like conflict resolution, effective communication, and team management. Completable in about 10 hours, this training significantly boosts individual career growth and enhances organizational productivity, making it an ideal investment for future leaders. 

Product Overview

Course Goals/Outcomes:

  • Equip technically skilled employees with essential leadership abilities to effectively take on management roles. 
  • Implement a consistent leadership curriculum that standardizes management practices and expectations across the company. 
  • Improve interpersonal skills to enhance communication and conflict resolution abilities among new leaders. 
  • Provide a flexible, self-paced online learning format that allows busy professionals to complete leadership training without disrupting work commitments. 
  • Encourage ongoing learning and professional development to help individuals grow within their roles and adapt to evolving organizational needs. 

Course Outline:

  • Investing in Yourself 
  • FELT Leadership: Office & Industrial 
  • 5 Keys to Leadership Success 
  • Leadership Lessons with Captain “Sully” Sullenberger 
  • Coaching for Performance 
  • Effective Communication 
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Decision Making 
  • Meeting Effectiveness 
  • Teamwork 
  • Training Job Skills 
  • Communication Breakdown & Solving Conflict 

Program Highlights:

  • Engaging and interactive course material designed to keep learners interested and invested. 
  • Online, self-paced training program, and mobile-friendly 
  • Delivered through DSS+ Learning Management System 
  • Courses available in both English and Spanish 

Once the course registration has been completed, you will receive your course log-in credentials within 24-hours of payment receipt and may access the online courses or administrative reports immediately afterward. 

Certificate Overview:

Upon successful completion of the MSI Frontline Leadership Program, individuals can print a certificate of program completion. 

“Leadership is both an art and a skill—equip your team with the tools to lead effectively and transform technical expertise into inspiring leadership.”

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