Operator Equipment Inspection (OEI) Certificate


Operator Equipment Inspection (OEI) Certificate

The OEI Certificate delivers thorough training on inspecting and maintaining essential systems, including pneumatic, electrical, and mechanical components. Participants learn practical inspection techniques across a broad range of equipment, crucial for enhancing safety and operational reliability in industrial settings. 


Operator Equipment Inspection (OEI) Certificate

The OEI Certificate is specifically tailored to boost both productivity and safety for operators within the process industry. This program enhances participants’ understanding of key operational areas such as fluid dynamics, temperature management, and general chemistry, crucial for effective and safe chemical operations. Through comprehensive training on start-up operations and equipment care, the certificate empowers operators with the skills to manage processes more efficiently and mitigate risks, leading to safer workplace environments. Completable in about 13 hours, this focused training ensures operators are well-prepared to contribute to their teams and advance their careers. 

Product Overview 

Course Goals/Outcomes:

  • Develop comprehensive inspection skills for various industrial systems like pneumatics, electrical setups, and mechanical components through detailed online modules. 
  • Enhance understanding of system operations and potential issues to proactively manage and maintain equipment. 
  • Apply systematic inspection strategies learned online to effectively identify, diagnose, and address equipment malfunctions, reducing downtime and preventing failures. 
  • Learn and implement safety protocols and procedures for equipment inspection, enhancing workplace safety and regulatory compliance. 
  • Build confidence and capability in inspection techniques through simulated scenarios and interactive content, preparing for real-world application. 

Course Outline:

  • Pneumatic System Inspection 
  • Vacuum System Inspection 
  • Air Compression System Inspection 
  • Fasteners and Equipment Structure Inspection 
  • Electrical Equipment System Inspection 
  • Motor Drive System Inspection 
  • Belt Drive, Chain Drive, and Gearbox Inspection 
  • Clutches and Brake Inspection 
  • Lubrication Systems Inspection 

Program Highlights:

  • Delivers engaging curriculum for those seeking practical knowledge beyond traditional education. 
  • Online, self-paced training program, and mobile-friendly 
  • Delivered through DSS+ Learning Management System 
  • Courses available in both English and Spanish 
  • Once the course registration has been completed, you will receive your course log-in credentials within 24-hours of payment receipt and may access the online courses or administrative reports immediately afterwards. 

Certificate Overview:

Upon successful completion of the OEI Certificate, individuals can print a certificate of program completion. 

Equipment issues can emerge without warning, but the OEI Certificate equips operators with the vital skills to conduct thorough inspections and address problems promptly, ensuring operational continuity and safety in the workplace. 

Interested in expanding your OEI Certificate with additional training modules or have any questions?

Reach out to Wes Smith for personalized assistance. Email: communications@msi-workforce.com or Call: 804-655-2353 

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