Sexual Harassment (SH) Certificate

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This course equips employees with the essential knowledge to identify and understand the nuances of sexual harassment, fostering a safer workplace environment. By clarifying the definitions of quid pro quo and hostile environment harassment, this module ensures employees are well-informed, which can significantly reduce incidents and promote a respectful company culture. 

This certificate is available as a 1-time purchase or annual subscription.


This is an essential training module designed to educate employees about the complexities of sexual harassment in the workplace. By distinguishing between quid pro quo and hostile environment harassment, it provides clear guidelines that help employees recognize and understand what constitutes inappropriate behavior. This module underscores the importance of the Reasonable Person Standard in defining harassment and details the critical elements of effective anti-harassment policies. Implementing this training can help create a safer, more respectful work environment, reducing incidents and promoting a culture of respect across all levels of the organization.  

Product Overview 

Course Goals/Outcomes: 

  • Enhance understanding of sexual harassment by distinguishing between quid pro quo and hostile environment scenarios with real-world examples. 
  • Empower employees to effectively identify and manage incidents of sexual harassment, fostering a supportive response environment. 
  • Provide guidelines for developing effective anti-harassment policies that encourage open communication and reporting. 
  • Foster a culture of respect and safety, ensuring all employees contribute to a harassment-free workplace. 
  • Offer flexible, online learning options to keep employees informed on the latest in harassment prevention without disrupting daily tasks. 

Course Outline: 

  • Definitions and Examples Quid Pro Quo  
    • Colleague-to-colleague 
    • Supervisor-to-subordinate  
    • Man-to-woman, or vice versa, or even within same gender  
    • Cases that do not involve sexual favors  
    • Subtle or explicit demands for sexual favors  
  • Hostile Environment  
    • Single instance vs severity and pervasiveness  
    • Common examples  
    • Legal yet unwelcome behavior  
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy Outline  
    • Reasons why speaking up or reporting is difficult  
    • Common shortcomings of organizations  
    • General guidelines for effective policies  
    • Involvement of all employees  
    • Creating a culture of respect  

 Program Highlights: 

  • Subscription option for annual employee training 
  • Engaging and interactive course material designed to keep learners interested. 
  • Online, self-paced training program, and mobile-friendly 
  • Courses available in both English and Spanish 
  • Once the course registration has been completed, you will receive your course log-in credentials within 24-hours of payment receipt and may access the online courses or administrative reports immediately afterward. 

Certificate Overview: 

Upon successfully completing the SH Certificate, individuals can print a certificate of program completion. 

Sexual harassment issues can disrupt any workplace, but the certificate empowers employees with the critical knowledge to identify, manage, and prevent such incidents, creating a safer and more respectful work environment. 

Questions or Add Training Modules to Your Sexual Harassment Certificate: 

Interested in expanding your Sexual Harassment Certificate with additional training modules or have any questions? Reach out to Wes Smith for personalized assistance. Email: or Call: 804-655-2353 

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