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Supervisor Series Modules – Supervisor on the Scene

  • Coaching for Performance
  • Teamwork
  • Training Job Skills
  • Meeting Effectiveness
  • Decision Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication

Leadership Series Modules

  • Leadership: 5 Keys to Success
  • Teamwork: 7 Steps to Success
  • Learn to Lead: Lessons with Captain “Sully” Sullenberger

Diversity & Inclusion Series Modules

  • Eliminating Exclusion
  • Inclusion: Diversity Everywhere
  • Diversity: The Empowered Workforce
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Unleashing Innovation
  • Drop by Drop: Unconscious Bias
  • Diversity and Inclusion

According to a survey on national civility, 40 percent of respondents believe American workplaces are “totally uncivil”. The incivility, says a manager at a consulting and staffing firm, may be due to “tighter” work areas as companies cut budgets and maximized office space. The result? Inadvertent etiquette violations and a growing need to review basic office decorum. Workplace Etiquette offers a much-needed refresher on etiquette training; the program stresses the importance of decorum at work, showing how bad manners can affect productivity and damage relationships. The program covers six rules of workplace etiquette:

  • Dial back the volume
  • Don’t abuse electronic devices
  • Wait for an invitation
  • Keep private matters private
  • Use your sick days when you’re sick
  • Do not offend the olfactory

Are your employees feeling the signs of stress? This is common and the good news is that they can manage this feeling by taking the suggested steps to avoid it… to keep them relaxed and stress-free on the job. This microlearning course is perfect for delivery on a tablet or mobile device.

  • Common causes
  • Dangers of stress
  • Managing stress

Pressed for time and urged to be more productive than ever. Does eight hours a day seem like not enough time for many people. Even so, it is how we use those hours that largely determines our success at work. This session will help you work smart, plan better, get organized, and be more productive. The modules below will help you avoid time wasters, understand the causes of poor time management, and explains the following time-management measures.

  • Delegation
  • Division of tasks
  • Cleanliness and organization
  • Smart meetings
  • Setting goals and priorities
  • RAFT System
  • 80/20 Rule
  • Eliminating unnecessary visits

Microinequities refer to tiny, subtle digs, innocent comments, and throwaway remarks that seem inconsequential, but slowly kill morale and hurt productivity. Alert employees to the unexamined prejudices behind these microinequities with Unconscious Bias. The program brings to light unconscious biases—the stereotypes that affect our understanding and treatment of the people around us. It shows how disrespect can lurk behind “innocent” remarks, and helps employees create a culture of respect.

  • Understand how biases work and affect behavior
  • Recognize–and avoid–hurtful biases and stereotypes
  • Identify examples of microinequities
  • Speak with more tact and respect

Whether at home, in the workplace or in pursuit of our passion, we can all benefit from becoming better leaders. This course can help you to become a more inspirational leader. At the conclusion of this course you should have:

  • Discovered concepts that you can put into practice to develop essential experience much faster
  • Found out which specific skill sets allow leaders to get maximum results

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