The Workplace Behavior Assessment (WBA) measures important behaviors necessary for handling work pace and job pressure, along with work habits to be attentive to quality and safety requirements. Leadership, interpersonal, and collaborative behaviors are also compared against benchmarked results for comparable positions.

Assessments are designed for the specific needs of each company and can be used to evaluate outside and internal candidates for their ability to meet the necessary expectation in the following positions:


For this assessment, psychometric tests are given to evaluate expectations in problem solving and learning capacity, drive, communications, teamwork, and adaptability to a given job.


This assessment will analyze senior executives based on resource utilization, business direction, and financial results.


This assessment identifies advancement and leadership potential, as well as developmental needs of supervisors and managers for sustaining a competitive, quality-oriented company.


This assessment benchmarks specific engineering specialties, including chemical, mechanical, electrical, metallurgical, and industrial. It also benchmarks HR coordinators, labor relations, and HR managers.

The testing process is completely self-directed, and candidates can complete all or part of the testing sequence 24/7 by using the testing website. Once a candidate has taken the assessment, the results are reviewed and scored by an Industrial Psychologist and emailed directly to your company.

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